The Right Attitude

Many times in our everyday living, we are faced with the possibility that someone may cause you a little discomfort. Either by how they react to you or how you react to them. It could be that you are expecting something from them that they have not responded to. It could be that you want something to go a certain way but it doesn’t . Whatever the reason is concerning any situation, action, or response , we must remember that your attitude will affect how you react to any given thing.

Philippians 2:5
Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:
Again, it is all in how we view or absorb a thing in our lives.

Things may be stumbling-blocks or stepping-stones to us. They may be hindrances or helps — trials or blessings. What they prove to be depends not so much on their nature as upon our attitude toward them. It is not our opportunities that count, but the use that we make of them. It is not how much money we possess, but the wisdom we display in its expenditure. It is not how many obstacles we meet in life, but the manner in which we meet them. It is not the soul who has the fewest trials and difficulties that prospers most, but the one who meets them with courage and confident trust. Some are crushed down and made to despair by the very things that stir others to renewed effort and courage.

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