Are We Walking The Walk?

My thoughts for TODAY: We Must Walk The Walk

I feel restless and a little discouraged but I know that in my heart I want to please God. Why am I writing down these thoughts? God has truly been good to me. I have been through many things but it is one thing I know with confidence….GOD IS A GREAT GOD!

In this Christian life (walk) , we are sometimes faced with the things that will cause us to question our faith or rather question us (Christians)and our dedication to the walk! I am sure that at one time or another, we face trials that cause us to consider our stability in God. Today, I am very concerned about the position the church is in as far as its identity. We face a cruel world that is very unforgiving. How do we as believers in Christ cope with the halfhearted church goers that stake a claim in the God walking believers.

I sometimes feel so ashamed of the failures in the church that affect the whole concept of Christian Living. Being a part of Christlike living involves the constant walk within the precepts of Christ. We are to be one body in God. This implies that we must be in sync with what the Bible says and what we do as believers. We must have one mind….meaning we must have the same basic precepts and beliefs in order to function together. We must come together in one body, one spirit, one hope, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, and one God.

Today we are a fragmented body. We are not consistent in what we represent. We want to live as we please and still hold the privileges that come with a true believer. Is it too much to ask that we live what we say according to God? We have become so fragmented that almost anything is acceptable in God’s house and in our everyday walk.

When you think of fragments, you think of broken pieces. When you think of ONE BODY, you think of something that stands by its self. Nothing is needed to make it whole. It is a self sufficient body, nothing added,nothing taken away, nothing left over. It is also important to realize that a fragmented body can’t stand when pressure is applied. Once broken, it is difficult to make the pieces fit properly…seems that it will always be missing something. We can not allow our God foundation to be broken to the point where no one can see God’s power manifest. A fragmented body will always have a weakened state of being. God’s word assures us that we must be as one body and stand because we have been given power to do so.

When we think of the number one, right away it implies solidarity. It is unity….one body. The number one is the only number that is indivisible , meaning that nothing can be divided into it and get the same result. It is the only number that can be divided within itself and get the same result, 1. This is certainly a concept that we as Christians must explore. Paul told the church in Ephesians that they should be as one body…unified; not broken off into our own little groups with different ideas, concepts, and beliefs. It’s very simple, when we break apart from the basic precept and belief that God has for us, we become nothing but wayward fragmented pieces. Not standing on God’s word but using our own interpretations to fit our lifestyles. This type of process surely leads to destruction.

One body implies UNITY. It seems as believers ,we have split off into so many pieces that it is hard to find what direction we are going. The vocation by which God gave us in Matthew 28 to go into the world preaching the gospel. Somehow we have lost our true direction. Yes, we hear the preacher each Sunday and we have a wonderful worship service BUT how effective are we when we go about our everyday lives?

Do we apply what we have heard and read from the Word of God to our lives? Does the going to worship only fit because it is now a social event that we just can’t miss? I continue to struggle with today’s format for worshiping God. I do not want to be one of those that started out with Jesus and lost my way trying to fit into the present day believer. I must continue to walk in Christ an be what I say I am in Him. Walk The Walk!!!


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