Have you ever thought how  or what makes a person live? What exactly makes them alive? What is their footprint in life?  I want to let you know that I have found a life that gives me the desire to want to be better and live a good life…..that is Living for Christ.

  • I want  a strong relationship with GOD. 
  • I want to grow spiritually daily
  • I want to discover my true purpose in life.
  • I want to discover my dreams and enjoy life.
  • I want a life of peace and joy.

Pretty bold statement ,huh!! Well I started this blog/podcast series because I have had my fill of circumstances and situations in life and believe me I didn’t feel so good when going through them ……..BUT GOD!!!

I want to share my growth process in Christ with you guys on a more practical level with the hope that you also will get that gleam or beam of light in your life that makes it all worth it!!!

I pray  that this effort will bless someone and enhance their lives to the extent they too will make Christ a part of LIVING!!

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